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The Aerospace Toolkit 2.3.0

Aerospace Simulation and Analysis

Mission Analysis
High-Fidelity Simulation

The ATA Aerospace Toolkit allows the user to rapidly solve complex problems involving flight dynamics, orbital dynamics and attitude analysis. The Toolkit is hosted on the LabVIEW graphical development environment.

Ideal For

  • UAV design and analysis
  • Vehicle dynamics modeling
  • Satellite attitude and orbit analysis
  • Launch vehicle mission analysis
  • Missile defense
  • Slew Profile Generation
  • Guidance, navigation and control analysis and modeling
  • Real-time software and hardware test beds


  • Powerful, yet simple GUI design capability
  • Easily handles complex hardware I/O
  • Open architecture allows interface with many environments

System Requirements :

  • LabVIEW 8.5 or higher
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • Processor 866 MHz or higher
  • 256 MB RAM

Success Stories

Navigation software development and real-time test bed

Robotic Lunar Lander 6DoF simulation


Functional Libraries

  • Aerodynamics - complete toolset for calculating aerodynamic forces and torques.
  • Attitude - a suite of functions for attitude analysis and determination.
  • Orbit Adjust - library containing numerous guidance and steering tools.
  • Orbit Analysis - a complete set of orbit analysis tools for describing and analyzing orbits.
  • Orbit Propagation - multiple methods for propagating state vectors.
  • Mass Property Compilation - tools for computing vehicle mass properties.
  • Earth Models - functions for determining earth orientation for high-fidelity positioning.
  • Coordinate Frame Transformation - state vector conversion between nine commonly used coordinate frames for aerospace.
  • Math Analysis - comprehensive math library specifically designed for aerospace analysis.
  • Math Utilities - convenient utilities for working with vectors and matrices.
  • Time Conversion - A comprehensive set of functions for handling time accurately as well as converting between different time scales and forms.
  • Express VI's - The ATA Aerospace Toolkit currently offers one Express VI. The ExpressFindOrbit Source.vi was created to aid users in quickly finding orbits.


  • Single seat/node locked license for $3495.00
  • Educational Institution licensing available
  • Contact us for more information


View a Demonstration of an Adaptable Prototype and Test System for Aerospace Control Design.

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